A-LiNE are committed to recognising the contribution of the organisers and faculty of their courses. Launching at the AGM in 2021 we now have two award schemes - the Educator Awards recognising consistent contributions and The Harlequin Award recognising significant contributions to education in anaesthesia in the North East.

Educator Awards

The ongoing success of A-LiNE relies on the dedication of faculty members and course contributors. In order to thank and recognise those who have made a significant and longstanding commitment to the provision of A-LiNE courses we have the A-LiNE Educators Award Scheme.

How It Works

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are available. For each award you will need to accumulate a certain number of points, which are earned for participating in delivering courses, or for creating new educational material. Points are awarded for each activity as detailed in the table below. Using the self-assessment form you will be able to keep track of your cumulative score. Once over each threshold you may submit an application. Please email completed application forms and evidence to [email protected].

You may want to use these awards as evidence towards the RCoA 2021 Curriculum ‘Education and Training Domains’ at either Stage 1 (12.6), 2 (13.6) or 3 (14.6).

Points are cumulative, so for example you do not need to start at zero again to progress from a bronze to a silver award.

We anticipate that many of you who will be applying for these awards may be using contributions from courses run some time ago and therefore may not have all of the certificates. Please just indicate this on your form as we can cross-check this with faculty lists for you.

We will assess applications for awards every 6 months; usually in May and November.

Points Achievement
  • 1 point per half day of teaching contribution e.g. ½ day of new starters course.
  • 1 point per hour of new lecture material written

Exams Course Material:

  • Writing 4 x Single Best Answer Questions = 1 point
  • Writing 4 x Multiple Choice Questions = 1 point
  • Writing 2 x Constructed Response Questions = 1 point
  • Writing 2 x Short Answer Questions = 1 point
  • Writing 2 x OSCE stations = 1 point
  • Writing Structured Oral Exam = 1 point
    • Primary SOE: 1 point per 30 minute viva (2x 3 question viva)
    • Final SOE: 1 point per part written (SOE 1 or 2)
    • See for more detailed definition of each viva/SOE

We hope this award scheme will go some way towards recognising your valued contribution to A-liNE. This will be a simple way to demonstrate a significant commitment to education, whether that be on your ARCP, at appraisal or in job applications.

Award Regulations
  • The A-liNE award scheme is for individuals, not groups or courses
  • Awards are given once and cannot be taken away.
  • The A-liNE award scheme is cumulative and points are collected throughout training. Points can be collecting whilst ‘out of training’.
  • The award scheme is for those who contribute to excellence in education and is not considered a baseline attainment.
  • The award scheme represents cumulative achievement – it is not to reward an individual action, project or course.
  • Achievement of each tier of the scheme is dependent upon attainment of the required points threshold and provision of evidence to demonstrate this.
  • The A-liNE award scheme does not replace any existing scheme.
  • The A-liNE award scheme does not come with any financial rewards. Achievement of a Gold award does entitle the recipient to apply for an A-line educational bursary within 5 years of receiving the award. These applications will be approved by the A-line executive committee and decisions recorded within minutes of executive meetings.
  • The A-liNE award scheme is to reward those who contribute, educate, create content and help others develop professionally.

The Harlequin Award

There are some educators within the A-liNE organisation who go above and beyond in order to deliver educational content. We would like to make a small gesture to recognise their huge contribution over many years.

Our small gesture comes in the form of a handmade curved glass award, littered with tiny glazed Harlequins, made bespoke for A-liNE by Sue Woolhouse 36 LimeStreet, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle.

If you would like to nominate your collegue or faculty member, please contact us at [email protected], with a short description of why you are nominating them.

We will present the Harlequin Awards annually at the A-liNE AGM.