Final FRCA Written Crammer Course

This 3 day face-to-face course aims to provide candidates sitting the Final FRCA Constructed Response Question (CRQ) Written Exam uninterrupted, focused practice answering CRQs in exam style conditions and an exposure to a wide range of topics and specialties within the vast RCoA curriculum.

As the title suggests, a lot of material is ‘crammed’ into 3 days with the aim to give candidates as much question practice as possible, and to share knowledge and stimulate discussion with fellow candidates, senior trainees and consultants in an encouraging and informal environment. There will be exam papers in Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Intensive Care Medicine, Neuroanaesthesia, Pain, Cardiothoracics and General Duties.

The course runs from 8am-4.30pm with 3 question papers completed each day in exam conditions, followed by sessions led by advanced trainees or consultants to discuss answers and candidates mark their own papers. There is also a ‘Hot Topics’ session for each specialty which involves small group work reviewing and ‘question spotting’ recent BJA Education articles and relevant guidelines.

As the CRQ is still quite a new exam and previous CRQ papers are unavailable to view, we must emphasise that our practice questions have been written by senior trainees within the region and aim to reflect the RCoA CRQs as best as possible but they are not questions from previous CRQ exams or the college question bank. As such, the answers we provide are what we feel are the most likely suitable answers but they are not the ‘college answer’. The papers are not formally marked and answer sheets are not given out. There is a separate A-LiNE Final FRCA Written Mock Exam that is held nearer to the exam date where candidates complete a full exam and receive formal feedback.

This course complements ongoing revision, consolidates knowledge from bookwork revision and helps candidates identify their strong/weak areas in order to target further revision accordingly.

The Catalyst, Newcastle upon Tyne
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