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Levelling the Field 2023

The Levelling the Field conference addresses the theme of ’Championing Ethnic Diversity in the NHS’. LtF has run in 2020, 2021 & 2022 attracting over 4000 delegates from all corners of healthcare and around the globe. We have addressed a wide range of issues in the past, from International Medical Graduate Induction, Bullying & Harassment to Disproportionate impact of Covid in Ethnic Minorities. Following feedback and requests, in 2022 we covered 'Empowering International NHS workforce' and Differential Attainment'. These conferences are for anyone who wants to strengthen Ethnic Diversity in the NHS. We hope to include everyone with an investment in healthcare, from frontline clinical and non-clinical staff at every level, to those working in national bodies such as Health Education England, Royal Medical and Nursing Colleges, regulating bodies and government. FREE to attend Keep watching for details of Levelling the Field 2023.