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NEST (North East Speciality Training) Support Network: Polish your Portfolio

Specialty training (ST) entry into anaesthesia has become more competitive over the recent years, and was most evident in the latest round of Stage 2 national recruitment.

NEST is a regional support network launched under A-LiNE, aiming to support trainees and trust doctors in the North East to strengthen their application for forthcoming ST4 recruitments. The portfolio comprises one of the two main components of ST application and accounts for 40% of the candidate’s overall scores. The process of portfolio building is time consuming, and involves substantial organisation. NEST is delighted to present our first webinar : NEST (North East Speciality Training) Support Network: Polish your portfolio. This is a one day event packed with presentations by Consultants and local trainees, targeting various portfolio domains which junior doctors may find particularly difficult to score maximal points for. We are aiming to make portfolio building a more palatable process , by introducing it as a concept and presenting the opportunities available in the region. This is an event supported by the Northern School of Anaesthesia and ICM ( NSAICM ) and we are looking forward to meet you on the day.