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Primary FRCA VivaMatch

A-liNE presents the Primary FRCA VivaMatch.

This course aims to provide candidates sitting the Primary FRCA SOE with unprecedented peer-to-peer viva practice opportunities in the run up to the exam.

This unique course works around your own existing schedules and working patterns to match candidates with the same availability.

VivaMatch does not require specific days of study leave, there is no need to swap shifts, you are only matched in sessions that you know you are available for. You can attend your matched sessions from wherever you want, as long as you have access to a Zoom compatible device.

The course runs over a 5 week period, ending just before the next exam sitting.  Each and every day of this period there are 3 Vivamatch sessions (10:30-11:30, 14:30-15:30 and 19:30-20:30).

For each session, for each day of the period you will be invited to declare yourself ‘available’ or ‘not available’, and we do the rest!

We will then provide you with the dates and sessions where you have been matched successfully, along with the necessary Zoom details.

We will not match you to too many sessions per week (max 4) and we will aim to provide a variety of peer examiners throughout.

This course offers:

  • Matched sessions around your own existing schedule 
  • Multiple simulated examination sessions 
  • Excellent question exposure from a variety of peer-examiners 
  • Opportunity to develop and fine tune exam technique as the course progresses 
  • Varied revision format – role-playing the peer-examiner and providing feedback/critique is a worthwhile experience 
  • 100% recommendation rate from previous candidates

VivaMatch Period:  18/12/2023 - 21/01/2024